TM Works Direct Power Harness Kit

TM Works Direct Power Harness Kit
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TM Works Direct Power Harness Kit

A direct power harness kit is a harness kit for supplying the battery voltage which controlled the voltage drop of the ignition coil input voltage of direct ignition vehicles, and is always stabilized to an ignition coil. 


  • Plug and play,
  • Protect ignition coil,
  • Fuel Saving,
  • Instant HP increased,
  • Improve low to mid range of power,
  • More responsive when driving,
  • Dyno proven and tested.

By normal harness, the about 0.6V-0.8V voltage drop of ignition coilinput voltage occurs.
In addition, contact resistance increases by aging, and a voltage drop is promoted.
Moreover, if a voltage drop happens, it will cause an accidental fire,
and would be leading to damage to an ignition coil or engine breakage.
By equipping with a direct power harness kit, the voltage drop ofignition coil input voltage is brought close to the original performance which vehicles have by controlling less than 0.2V at the utmost.
In the case of the general ignition coil of the output voltage 23000V of coil input voltage 13.8V or secondary coil,When a 0.8V voltage drop occurs by normal harness, since primary coil input voltage is set to 13V, secondary coil output voltage will be setto 21700V.
Since primary coil voltage will be set to 13.6V and secondary output voltage will be raised to 22700V if it equips with a direct power harness kit and a voltage drop can control less than 0.2V, compared with normal harness, secondary output voltage will go up by 1000V.
That means, ignition power can rise and it can bring close to original performance at the utmost.

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