TM Works G-Conductor Gold Spring

TM Works G-Conductor Gold Spring
Brand: TM Works
Product Code: TMW-GC
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TM Works G-Conductor Gold Spring


  • Higher current conducting
  • Due to the item above, U benefit bigger spark.
  • On a Subaru and MitsubishiEVO4. improvement is found in the turbo lag.
  • Low, Mid to High torque increase.
  • The Gold Spring replaces the stock factory spring which is made of Nickel.
  • Product is made in Japan

The spring in the tip cap repeats dew condensation and drying.

The stock spring does not use materials resisting corrosion. It seems that the surface is oxidized and forms an oxidation film, and contact resistance increases.
We used SUS304 which resisted corrosion for a spring and realized half resistance value of the stock spring because 24 gilt it after, furthermore, having given nickel plating.
It become about 6.5 times high resistance when I compare the stock spring which used for 3 years with 24 gilding springs.
HP + Torque gain is guarantee!! Price with installation!!

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