Arospeed Super Grounding Cable 10mm Red

Arospeed Super Grounding Cable 10mm Red
Arospeed Super Grounding Cable 10mm Red
Brand: Arospeed
Product Code: ARO-GC10R
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Arospeed Super Grounding Cable 10mm Red

Without a constant ground to the motor and all the high output power sources that make your engine work, you are constantly losing power.

Arospeed now offers the ultimate solution to this problem, the all new ground wire kit.

This kit features a central major grounding point that branches off to the major components of the engine: transmission ground, block ground, alternator ground, ignition system ground, as well as any other essential grounds found in the engine bay.

Having a constant ground will help eliminate power loss, thus improving overall performance of components, such as ignition, where loss of spark is a key to engine performance.

Complete set with bracket, bolts & washers.


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