Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W/60 5L

Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W/60 5L
Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W/60 5L Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W/60 5L
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Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W/60 5L

Synthoil Race Tech GT1 SAE 10W-60 is a modern, fully synthetic, high-performance 

Engine oil formulated for use in four-stroke engines under extreme load. The 
combination of synthetic base oils and modern additive technology satisfies the 
requirements of the latest engine designs.
  • Energy-conserving for extreme conditions.
  • With the wide-range viscosity 10 W-60 HD.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Lubrication is also reliably maintained at extreme temperatures.
  • Optimises engine performance.
  • Immediate lubrication during cold starting and significantly improved wear protection.
  • Fine-tuned to the demands of the latest generation power units (multi-valve and turbocharged).
Specifications / Approvals:
Basis : Synthetic oil/additives
Viscosity class : 10W-60
ASTM colour : 3.5
Density at 15 °C : 0.855 g/cm³
Viscosity at 40 °C : 155 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100 °C : 23,8 mm²/s
Viscosity index : 185
Flash point : 240 °C
Pour point : -30 °C
Evaporation loss : 6.9 %
Application: For petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharging. Especially suitable for 
extreme engine requirements and racing.
Comprehensive Service Task Available:
  • - Undercarriage bolt check and re-torque with torque wrench, balance torque ensure
  • - Undercarriage parts condition check
  • - Power steering fluid level check
  • - Brake fluid level check
  • - Coolant level check
  • - Battery water refill
  • - Tyre air pressure check and refill
  • - Air filter cleanse
  • - Brake caliper dust cleanse front and rear
  • - Air-con compressor dust cleanse
  • - Engine dust cleanse


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