Shadow E-Drive4 Advance Electronic Throttle Controller

Shadow E-Drive4 Advance Electronic Throttle Controller
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Shadow E-Drive4 Advance Electronic Throttle Controller

The ADVANCE 4 TEC Box series is the upgraded version from the previous versions of throttle controllers that offers more functions and gives the user more control over the performance of their vehicle.

17-Adjustable Setting Modes 3 modes: 9 settings in Power Mode, 7 settings ECO Mode, and Normal Mode. Power mode: The best solution for racing route and mountain road makes throttle react extremely prompt.
ECO mode: The intelligent way to reduce the fuel consumption while driving in city. 3 mode (17 steps):(Po: 9 steps & Nor & Ec:7 steps).
Drag Racing / Launch control function : Single button press for Drag Racing mode. In this mode, display shows “Drag Racing”. Step on the accelerator lightly and it give you full power for even faster response. Suitable for drag racing in controlled environment, not for use on the street.
Anti skid function : High powered vehicles will easily skid on wet, muddy or snow covered ground whilst starting off which may send the vehicle out of control. Therefore, Shadow specially designed this anti-skid function to assist the driver to control the vehicle better on slippery ground.

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