Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip

Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip
Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip
Brand: Ecobox
Product Code: ECB-B
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Ecobox Performance Tuning Chip

Chip Tuning Device From Germany.

  • Plug and Drive
  • Increase Torque Power (25%)
  • Lower Fuel Consumption (0.6L/100KM)
  • For Diesel Engine Only

Concentrate Power Device Design By Germany

The Ecobox is a digital additional control unit increasing engine performance available for almost every turbo diesel engine from 1996 on.

The device adjusts injection values and increases torque and horsepower by up to 25% thru will help to improve fuel consumption too. The hardware is supported by a microcontroller and allows the motor to optimize and increase performance, and also saves fuel by processing electronic signals. 
The ECOBOX has many key features; and will suit any car with Diesel Engine, giving many benefits.
Pretty good value for money, especially considering it will cost thousands of dollars to get these sorts of gains with engine and exhaust work!
The unit will:
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Increases engine torque at approx 20%
  • Smooths engine running
  • Compatible with Diesel Particulate Filters
  • All Engine fail safe modes stay intact
  • No opening of the engine control module required
  • Simple plug and Play fitment
  • Original manufacturer connectors used


The ECOBOX is an additional control unit for diesel engine that can easily improve engine power and reduce fuel consumption by changing the injection values to increase the torque/horsepower.
The ECOBOX has been developed and manufactured in Germany for over than 5 years, but now the production line has been moved to China, with all the German TECH & support.
Also it has been manufactured after the CE guidelines and regulation.
The product is pre-adjusted to particular engine models which make the installation very simple (Plug and Drive). The device uses only original connectors which prevent and avoid any damage in the vehicle original wiring.
EcoBox does not change the original ECU values so if you want to go back to the original engine settings just unplug the device.
The unit itself comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer as well as email support.
Fitment requires minor mechanical knowledge. In most cases only the plastic engine cover will need to be removed to gain access to the fuel rail. The kit comes with the ECOBOX control unit and specific wiring with original connector plugs. One of the plugs goes directly into the control unit, while the other two act as a link lead.
Question: Can Ecobox damage a car engine ?​
Answer: No, because in modern engines, vehicle manufacturers leave power reserves, which are used in the operation chip block. Since Ecobox - Chip Block uses the maximum power of the engine is not constant, but only when it is really necessary (for example, during heavy acceleration). Also, car manufacturers claim that the engine, clutch, transmission, and brakes have a greater margin than needed to operate your vehicle with certain characteristics. 
Question: Can I install the unit yourself ?
Answer: We successfully sell our products in the CIS and Ukraine. Your V-tech Power Box - Chip Block after delivery can be set by you yourself or any diesel specialist service. To install, remove the plug from the pressure sensor on the bar high-pressure car, insert it into the connector block, and the plug from the unit connected to a pressure transducer. Our consultant will answer all your questions related to the installation, if necessary, will send photos and installation instructions.
Queation: Can we detect the use of Ecobox after uninstall ?
Answer: No, after the uninstall Chip, its use can not be detected, because the program does not change the engine management. Unlike an ordinary chip-tuning, which changes the original software.
Question: Can I save fuel, despite the fact that the engine power increased? How is this possible ?
Answer: If your driving style is the same as before the installation of the chip unit, you will not have any additional consumption of fuel, but you obviously feel the increase in power. If you want to save fuel, then after installing the chip block, you can do so at the expense of increased torque when driving around the city you can use a higher gear at the same speed that the production car would have to use a lower one. Thus, the savings can be up to 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers.
Question: What are the positive aspects of installing Ecobox compared to conventional chip tuning ?
Answer: First, ease of installation (Installation requires about 5 minutes, it is also fast Uninstall, which later would prevent detect it during the warranty WHAT) Second, the chip unit may be removed from the vehicle and set on another vehicle in the third car is running with the native software for the chip improves its operation by the processor to perform 25,000 operations per second, allowing you to monitor the operation of the motor protecting it from overload, the fourth block of the chip can not only increase capacity, but also to save fuel.


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