Balitiger Power Fuel Save Oxygen Booster

Balitiger Power Fuel Save Oxygen Booster
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Balitiger Power Fuel Save Oxygen Booster 


  • 12v 24v compatible
  • Petrol/Diesel engine compatible
  • Help save fuel up to 15-30%
  • Increase engine power up to 10-15%
  • Reduce emission 30-90%
  • Offer smoother idle
  • Enhance acceleration
  • Plug & Play

Ambient oxygen is around 18-22%, by increasing the oxygen provide to engine, it will promote complete combustion and thus, generate higher power output from engine. This device increase the oxygen to 24-26%.

Eg: A engine produce 100hp by 22% of ambient oxygen. By increasing oxygen to 26%, it will produce 118hp.


  • Locate the engine vaccum hose/breather hose
  • Tap into the vaccum hose and connect the device hose together
  • Connect the +positive and -negative to ignition fuse 


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